Dozoff Points

Points is a rough measurement of how much the community trusts you; the primary way to gain points is by posting good funny post, GIF, Memes. Votes on these posts cause you to gain (or sometimes lose) points. Basic use of the site, including posting, votes, commenting does not require any points at all. But the more points you earn, the more privileges you gain.

You gain points when :

1. Post is voted up: +10

2. Bounty awarded for your good post : 10 to 50

3. Post edit : +2 (Only for selected users)

You earn points when people vote on your posts

About post

This site is all about fun

About post
You lose points when :

1. Your Post is voted down: −2

2. You vote down an post : −1

3. one of your posts receives 6 spam or offensive flags: −100

How do people benefit from having more dozoff points?

1. It's the scoreboard of dozoff reward earned for posting popular content.

2. It’s the best metric regular users have available to them to determine, at a glance, if someone is a valued member of the site.

3. More points you earn, the more privileges you gain.

All users start with one reputation point, and reputation can never drop below 1. You can not vote for your own post. Deleted posts do not affect reputation, for voters, authors or anyone else involved.

At the high end of this reputation spectrum there is little difference between users with high reputation and ♦ moderators. That is intentional. We don’t run this site. The community does.